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We provide an extensive range of products, including individual parts, complete sets of parts such as nose-cut/half-cut cars, as well as entire vehicles.

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What we do

At our company, we take great pride in providing an extensive range of recycled parts that have undergone rigorous testing using our self-developed equipment. Our team of experts ensures that only parts that meet our high-quality standards are made available to our customers in abundance.

In addition to our commitment to quality, we have also established a vast sales network that spans both domestic and overseas manufacturers and suppliers. This enables us to offer a speedy and efficient service to customers looking for products that meet their specific needs and requirements. We take great care to ensure that our customers receive only the best products and services, backed up by our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction.

• Single Parts

Drawing on the QC skills honed in the Japanese market, we deliver top-quality parts.

• Salvaged Parts

We salvage End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) according to your preferences and offer all salvageable parts as a complete set. Please note that certain parts, including airbags and lead batteries, cannot be provided due to legal restrictions.

• Whole Cars

We offer used and damaged cars for the purpose of reuse and can also provide the necessary repair parts.

• International Parcel Service

For customers seeking small and lightweight individual parts, we can ship to over 200 countries through our partner freight forwarders.

• LCL Service

If you require shipping for large items that cannot fit in parcels or for quantities less than one container, we offer LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping to deliver your products to you.

• FCL Service

For customers requiring a large quantity of parts, whole cars, or vehicles with various cuts, we can arrange shipping in containers.

Test certificate and warranty

We issue a test certificate and warranty for each part. The certificate describes tests conducted by us. In addition, each product comes with a warranty. 

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Why choose us

At our company, we utilize our own specialized testing equipment to thoroughly assess the quality of all engine and functional parts. Our team of skilled engineers meticulously sift through used car parts that have been dismounted to separate the salable from the defective. We ensure that no detail goes unnoticed, as our engineers not only visually inspect the parts but also run their hands over them and reflect light onto them to detect any imperfections. We don’t just focus on obvious damages, but also take note of any repairs that have been made. All information regarding the shape and condition of the parts is accurately recorded and managed on our computer systems.

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